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Industrial Structure

Join us in the Revolution of Digital Transformation

From IT Solutions to Automation, we can do it ALL.

Industrial Structure

With a strong team lead by the best leaders, TVAST is all ready for AI Collaborations!



Our Pre-build Models and Algorithms can be integrated to bring flexibility in development.

AI Services

We Go Above and Beyond 


We believe in right data at the right time. Watch us surprise you with our lead time.

Businesses are harnessing AI to achieve efficiency, its the information you can trust.


Industrial Structure

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Industrial Structure

Data Analytics


We enable Business growth by gathering New data to extensively analyze it using predictive methods. Our team of Data Scientists specializes in Data Understanding, Data Preparation, Creation and Evaluation. We will help you achieve advance levels of Risk Analysis, Data Security along with Data Optimization. We sift through all sorts of big data - qualitative and quantitative.

Mobile APP Development

We specialize in a wide range of Technologies and Advance Methodologies to Create, Optimize, and Test our mobile applications. Popular for our Android & iOS developer team, we have the best implementation in the industry. We understand your audience, thus allowing your product target the intended mobile users.

User Experience

 Our clients have constantly been in awe of the User Experience that TVAST gives to their audience. We are rich with a team of User Experience Strategists, Researchers and Designers who dedicate themselves to make each product UNIQUE. We follow industry standard UI UX Design Practices, with advance User Interaction & Prototyping.


We Sync Our Solutions with Your Business Needs, handling Multitudes of Tech Challenges. TVAST is a leading IT Solutions Agency and we take pride in the work we do. The Solutions we develop have enabled businesses achieve unimaginable success in their domain. We Display Excellent Technique, Consistency, Skill, and Efficiency in every client collaboration. Let’s just say, our clients and users are our #1 Priority!

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